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Video Tweeting using TwitVid

Twit Vid LogoTweets on Twitter started as text-based messages with less than 140 characters in length. Although, the basic concept and rules remain the same, due it’s open source API and a strong social media presence, everyone want’s to make something innovative out of it. Earlier in 2009, TwitPic came up with Picture Tweets which allows Twitter users to share photos on Twitter. Now TwitVid goes a step ahead and introduces Video Tweeting.

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Here is a video (after the jump) that I’ve recorded and then video tweeted using TwitVid. All you need to do is login using your Twitter account, either record a video and then share it by uploading it, or you can directly do it using the “Record from Webcam” option. It’s a 3 step process, well in fact a 4 step process, the 4th step is just to click on the “Tweet Video” button.

twitvid appsTwitVid also allows video tweeting from iPhone and Blackberry (No Android app yet, I guess it’s time now after Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One). To get TwitVid on your iPhone, search for TwitVid on the app store from your iPhone, download and install. For blackberry, you can download the .jad file from TwitVid website, transfer it to your blackberry and execute the file. You can record videos from your iPhone or Blackberry and Tweet directly using the TwitVid app.

twidvid buttonsTwidVid makes full use of Twitter API and makes Tweeting, Re-Tweeting and Following easy for its users. For example, if you are watching a video and you like what you’re watching, you can Follow, Tweet or Re-Tweet using the buttons below the video. Although you don’t have a tweet button, they have the “Like” button which does the same. TwitVid also syncs your Twitter background to your TwitVid background and maintains your identity. That’s one less setting for your TwitVid account.

A simple and powerful user interface and it’s ability to integrate well with Twitter accounts makes TwitVid a great video tweeting service.

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