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Get local with Twitter Local Trends

local trends from twitterDo you want to know what’s your neighbor up to on the Superbowl day? Do you want to let everyone in the neighborhood know that you are trying to lose weight and share your progress? Well, that’s not exactly what you can do with the new Twitter Local Trends. However, you can see what exactly is trending in your area based on the country or city that you select. All you need to have is a Twitter account. If you don’t have one then you are ancient by now. We’ve seen Twitter hashtags, using which you can follow a topic. Now get local and check out what is trending around you using Twitter Local Trends. When I say around, I literally mean it. Based on the location that you set in your Twitter settings, you can follow what’s happening and what’s relevant in your geographic location.

Twitter launched Local Trends last week, however it was not open for everybody. Today, Twitter fully launched the service and is available for everyone. Here is how you can do it.

If you already have a Twitter account and have not set a location for the Local Trends, then the next time you login to Twitter, you will see this notification.

tweet local using local trendsClick on the “Set your location” button to open the location box using which you can zero in on your country, state and city. For your convenience Twitter already has some famous cities and countries shortlisted. Unfortunately, you might not see all the Countries and Cities. There are a select few from which you can choose. Twitter has a tiny note at the end which says that they are working on adding more locations. Luckily for me, I found my city, Boston. Click on the appropriate Country/City and click the “Done” button. As the button suggests, you are actually done setting up your local trend.

local trends from twitter

If you are traveling and want to change the location, you can always click on the “Change” link under the Trending category in the sidebar to change the location. Once done, you will see the top trending words under the Trending category in the sidebar.

twitter local trends listWhen you click on any of the trends from the list, you will see Real-Time tweets for the selected trend. All it does is uses Twitter’s search feature and searches for the selected trend. It’s similar to searching for a keyword.

twitter local trends resultsTwitter Local Trends adds a geographic perspective to all your Twitter cravings. I feel it’s a great feature and brings more relevancy to the Tweets. Who knows, you might find a friend for life or actually a life partner who lives close to you that share same interests.

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