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10 must have Google Chrome extensions

useful google chrome extensionsGoogle Chrome is quickly becoming one of the popular browsers out there. It already beat Safari and eying for Firefox. It is known for it’s clean interface and improved performance over other popular browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Later in 2009, Google introduced extensions for Google Chrome. Extensions allow users to add more features and functionality to the existing browser. Google Chrome extensions are similar to add-ons in Firefox, they give more functionality and customization options to it’s users for easy accessibility and keeps the browser free of clutter that you don’t use.

Here are my Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions:

Google Mail Checker

gmail checker google chrome extensionAlmost everybody has a Gmail account. So here is a great way to get a quick info on the number of unread Gmail messages. You can click on the extension to load Gmail. You can also check out an alternate extension called Google Mail Checker Plus which also, apart from showing the count of unread messages, allows you to Preview mail, read, delete, archive and mark as spam.


google chrome extension ibrii

Ibiri is a snippet tool that can snip any kind of information just by dragging and dropping the content into the Ibiri pane. You can practically snip and share anything that opens on your browser, well in this case it’s the Chrome. You can share Text, Video, Images and even embedded objects like audio files and flash files. You can also snip information from multiple pages and save it as a single page. All you need to do is register and start snipping. Sharing your saved pages is also very easy, just a click away. At this moment Ibiri allows you to share your pages on Facebook and Twitter with a click of a button. If you want to share using other medium like email or chatting, you can create a permalink and share the link.

Google Sidewiki

google sidewiki chrome extensionGoogle Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that lets you contribute and read information alongside any web page. Now there is a Chrome extension for it. Just install it and the little badge shows the number of sidewikis you have for the page you are visiting.

Google Similar Pages

google similar pages chrome extensionWhen clicked, the similar pages extension lets you to explore similar pages like the one you were browsing. It sends a search query to the Google’s search engine to find similar pages of your interest. It’s viral and very useful when you are following a story. When you click on the similar pages button, it shows previews of similar pages and you can select the one you want.

Webpage Screenshot

screenshot google chrome extensionIf you would like to take snapshots of webpages to share or use them in blog posts, then Webpage Screenshot Chrome extension is for you. You can take screenshots of webpages and save them as JPG or PNG. The extension also allows you to save full screenshots of pages.


facebook google chrome extensionWell this was obvious. You got to have a Facebook extension by benhiller. Once logged in, you can post status, check live feed, check comments by you and also comments to you. It’s a must have for any chrome user.

Chrome Bird

twitter extension for google chrome Again a must have and an obvious extension to have. Although the name does not say anything about twitter, it is quite evident from the badge image that it is a Twitter extension. Chrome Bird was one of the top Google Chrome Twitter extensions that’s out there to download. It lets you check your twitter feed and also post directly from the browser toolbar. Chrome Bird also supports the new Twitter Lists and allows you to retweet too.


page rank extension for google chromeGoogle does not offer Google toolbar for Chrome. In such a case, you will not be able to check the page rank of a webpage in Chrome browser. However, there is a extension for that. The PageRank extension shows the Page Rank as a little number badge in the toolbar. No more switching between browsers to check the page rank of a web page.

Fittr Flickr

flickr google chrome extension

A Flickr extension to do almost everything that you can do on the Flickr site. It has a lightbox for large previews, you can access the EXIF data and many more interesting features. Url Shortener

url shortner extension for google chromeAs the name says, it shortens the awfully long URLs and makes them easy to share on social networking sites like Twitter, where you have a limit of 140 characters per tweet. It also allows you to directly post the generated short URL to Twitter, Facebook, Email etc with just a click of a button.

I’m sure there are many more interesting extensions for Google chrome, however these are the ones which we found will be useful for most of us. If you have some interesting extensions to share, please use the comments section to shout it out.

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