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Google Chrome surpasses Apple Safari in browser market share

chrome vs safariThe browser wars are heating up between Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Google Chrome has gained immense popularity since it’s launch because of it’s clean interface and improved performance over it’s rivals like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Now with Google introducing Extensions for Chrome, it becomes even more desirable. Since Google Chrome is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, loyal Safari users are also switching to Google Chrome. Net Applications, who specialize in measuring market share of internet technologies, declared that in Dec 2009, Google Chrome has surpassed Apple Safari in browser market share. Google’s Chrome browser is now the third most popular browser in usage share.  Chrome recently passed Safari and now has 4.6% usage share. Mozilla Firefox stays are no.2 position and the leader as always is Internet Explorer. Although, it looks like Google Chrome has a long way to go before it challenges Firefox’s position, Google being the world leader in online marketing and advertising, it should not come as a surprise if it overtakes Firefox in next one year. Chart, after the jump.

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How to auto play embedded YouTube videos in HD?

embed youtube video in hdYouTube not only allows it’s users to upload and share videos on it’s network, but also lets anybody to embed any video on weblogs and websites. Now with YouTube going HD, people want to share videos in HD, i.e they want the videos to play in HD by default without the user having to click on “Watch in HD” button. There were many alternatives suggested to tweak the embed code to make this possible, however the YouTube dev team recognized that this is something many people want, they made it easy for the average user. Below is a short “How To” video that demonstrates the same.

Video Tweeting using TwitVid

Twit Vid LogoTweets on Twitter started as text-based messages with less than 140 characters in length. Although, the basic concept and rules remain the same, due it’s open source API and a strong social media presence, everyone want’s to make something innovative out of it. Earlier in 2009, TwitPic came up with Picture Tweets which allows Twitter users to share photos on Twitter. Now TwitVid goes a step ahead and introduces Video Tweeting.

twitvid share

Here is a video (after the jump) that I’ve recorded and then video tweeted using TwitVid. All you need to do is login using your Twitter account, either record a video and then share it by uploading it, or you can directly do it using the “Record from Webcam” option. It’s a 3 step process, well in fact a 4 step process, the 4th step is just to click on the “Tweet Video” button.

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Is Google Nexus One the only smart-phone running Flash Player 10.1?

nexus one flash player 10.1I know it’s an overdose of Nexus One, but we can’t help it, it’s the latest buzz in the world of Smart-Phones. So, finally the much awaited flash player 10.1 is here and works seamlessly on the new Google Nexus One smart-phone. Flash Player support on iPhone has been debated for long and many criticized Apple for not working towards getting it to the iPhone.  Even Adobe got serious and pops up a strong message when you go to Adobe Flash Website from your iPhone.

Now with Google Nexus One running Android 2.1 OS, you can enjoy all the flash content on your smart-phone. Nexus One is the first phone to support Flash Player 10.1. Below is a video from Adobe, demonstrating the flash 10.1 on Google Nexus One. Although the player is still in Beta, it looks like it is handling all the Flash content pretty well. You can not only browse Flash based websites, but also play games created in Flash. Looks like it also supports Flash based ads. So everything or anything related to Flash is working seamlessly. That’s a great advantage for Nexus One, which is the only phone running on Android 2.1 OS and also good news for phones running the older versions of Android. Eventually they would get the 2.1 update sooner or later.

Google promotes Motorola Droid on it’s Nexus Website

google nexus one on verizon coming soon in spring 2010It’s finally here. Google launched it’s much anticipated mobile phone, Nexus One, today. As mentioned earlier, currently consumers can buy an unlocked version of Nexus One for $529 and use their existing SIM card or sign up for a 2 year commitment contract with T-Mobile and take it away for a subsidized price of $179. You can get one here. And just when we thought that Google is keeping it simple and straight, we bumped into this Google support page which says that the Nexus One does not work with the AT&T’s 3G network and claims that the Nexus One Antenna does not support AT&T’s GSM radio frequency. Well, AT&T iPhone haters have to wait for sometime before they can lay their hands on Nexus One.

Google also advertises that the phone is coming soon to Verizon, which is a CDMA network. We found this when we visited the Nexus One website to check out the pricing options. Strangely, we also noticed that Google is promoting Motorola Droid till the time they launch Nexus One on Verizon in the Spring of 2010.
google nexus one on verizon

Nexus One

Google to launch Nexus One tomorrow

google nexus oneGoogle is all set to step into the Mobile Phone World with it’s new phone, Nexus One. Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing rumors that Google is working closely with HTC to come up with the fastest smartphone ever. Looks like those rumors turned out to be true. Google is going to introduce the Nexus One mobile phone tomorrow at a press conference. They call it the superphone, however some of the early tech blogs like engadget, who were lucky enough to play with the device, claim that it’s no game changer. The only standout features compared to other Android devices are it’s processor and the OS. Details of the device after the jump.

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How to create a Twitter List for your website?

Twitter Lists“Twitter Lists” is a new feature introduced by Twitter in October 2009. A good analogy for a Twitter list is a playlist on YouTube. Similar to the way you create a playlist by adding your favorite videos and giving it a name, Twitter lists allow you to add your favorite Twitter accounts to a list to create your own custom timeline. The concept is to allow people to curate lists of Twitter accounts. For example, you can create a list of all the technology related blog twitter accounts and name it “Techrome“. Well, that’s exactly what I did in this video. Twitter lists are an extension to your Twitter account ( The Twitter List names should be unique for a given account. For example, I can create the same list with the same title in a different twitter account (

Using Twitter Widgets you can easily create a Twitter List widget and use the code in your website. In this video I used my own blog (Wordpress) to demonstrate the same.

Sheryl Sandberg is now on Disney’s board

Sheryl Sandberg on Disney's boardEvery successful and smart Entrepreneur is bound to be invited on the Boards of major organizations. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook is now on the board of Disney. It’s a great honor and privilege for Sheryl to be in the company of famous Disney advisors like Steve Jobs. After her academics at Harvard, Sheryl Sandberg worked for The World Bank and then as a staff to the US Secretary of Treasury under the Clinton administration. Her first gig in DotCom was with Google in 2001 when Google was just a 300 headcount start up.

Facebook happened in 2008 when Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebeek met her in a Christmas party. Later Mark created a COO position in Facebook and hired Sheryl as the first COO of Facebook. Since then she manages firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, human resources, public policy and communications.

Disney’s spokesman Jonathan Friedland said that the board size has varied between 11 and 13 directors over the years. ”She knows a lot about a lot of the areas of new media and technology growth that we are interested in, so it makes a lot of sense for us to have her,” said Friedland.

Vonage introduces Vonage World Mobile

Vonage World MobileVonage, the leader in VoiP market has expanded it’s world plan services to mobile now. As most of us already know they have a Vonage World plan for home which works with your existing internet connection for $24.99/month and offers Unlimited local and long distance in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, FREE unlimited landline calls to all cities and locations in more than 60 other countries, including India, Mexico and Canada. Now they have introduces the same services on Mobile Platforms. Currently the phones that they support are iPhone/iTouch and Blackberry, however the buzz is that due to the increasing number of Android based phones, they are planning to come up with the Android app for Vonage in the first Quarter of 2010.

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Android on Windows Mobile. yes Mobile!

Android on Windows MobileEver wondered if you can install a different OS on your Mobile phone? Well the brave souls at XDA have done it. The Developers at XDA managed to install the latest Android 2.0.1 on HTC’s Touch Diamond 2. This was achieved by a Emulator called Haret. Note that not all features were successfully ported, below is the working and non working features list.

Pics and Video after the Jump.


  • Radio (You can make calls, but no sound until now though)
  • SMS works. Send n Receive.
  • Touchscreen
  • Vibration
  • Capacitive Buttons and Navigation wheel
  • Keyboard
  • Brightness Control: Must turn off autolight in WinMo

Not Working:

  • Sound
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPRS
  • Opengles
  • Recharging.

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