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Is Google Nexus One the only smart-phone running Flash Player 10.1?

nexus one flash player 10.1I know it’s an overdose of Nexus One, but we can’t help it, it’s the latest buzz in the world of Smart-Phones. So, finally the much awaited flash player 10.1 is here and works seamlessly on the new Google Nexus One smart-phone. Flash Player support on iPhone has been debated for long and many criticized Apple for not working towards getting it to the iPhone.  Even Adobe got serious and pops up a strong message when you go to Adobe Flash Website from your iPhone.

Now with Google Nexus One running Android 2.1 OS, you can enjoy all the flash content on your smart-phone. Nexus One is the first phone to support Flash Player 10.1. Below is a video from Adobe, demonstrating the flash 10.1 on Google Nexus One. Although the player is still in Beta, it looks like it is handling all the Flash content pretty well. You can not only browse Flash based websites, but also play games created in Flash. Looks like it also supports Flash based ads. So everything or anything related to Flash is working seamlessly. That’s a great advantage for Nexus One, which is the only phone running on Android 2.1 OS and also good news for phones running the older versions of Android. Eventually they would get the 2.1 update sooner or later.

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