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How to import Google Bookmarks into Google Chrome?

Import Google Bookmarks into Google ChromeCurrently Google Chrome has no Google Toolbar option. That sounds weird because they are both by Google. However, Google Chrome offers a feature called “Bookmark Sync”. Using Chrome’s Bookmark Sync, you can access the same bookmarks between multiple computers, provided you have Chrome installed on all those machines. So by not providing Google Toolbar for Google Chrome, they are actually enticing the user to use Chrome on all machines that they have access to. Not typical from Google. Check out Video # 1 after the jump. Anyways, if you were a heavy user of Google Bookmarks on Google Toolbar and now are a heavy user of Google Chrome, don’t worry there is a small workaround you can do to import all your Google Bookmarks to Google Chrome. However, this workaround will not keep syncing your Bookmarks back and forth. It is a one time import.

Video # 1: Bookmark sync for Google Chrome

Video # 2: How to get Google Bookmarks into Google Chrome

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