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Google to launch Nexus One tomorrow

google nexus oneGoogle is all set to step into the Mobile Phone World with it’s new phone, Nexus One. Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing rumors that Google is working closely with HTC to come up with the fastest smartphone ever. Looks like those rumors turned out to be true. Google is going to introduce the Nexus One mobile phone tomorrow at a press conference. They call it the superphone, however some of the early tech blogs like engadget, who were lucky enough to play with the device, claim that it’s no game changer. The only standout features compared to other Android devices are it’s processor and the OS. Details of the device after the jump.

The Nexus One is equipped with a 1GHz snapdragon CPU, which makes it the fastest phone out there in the market after the Palm Pre which has a 600MHz processor. Although it is marketed and branded completely as THE GOOGLE PHONE, the fact that it sports a trackball and the 4 touch sensitive buttons similar to the one on Droid Eris, makes it obvious that it’s from the docks of HTC. The phone is extremely thin, thinner than an iPhone and does not sport a physical keyboard like the one on Motorola Droid. It has a killer 3.7 inch display similar to Motorola Droid with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It’s also loaded with a 512MB RAM and comes with a expandable 4GB microSD card. The Nexus One has all other smartphone must haves too, it comes equipped with a 5MP camera with LED flash with auto focus, an accelerometer and a compass.

The Nexus One will come loaded with Android 2.1, Google’s next version of the Android OS. This is one level up than the one which was shipped on all Motorola Droids last November. However, we feel that it’s going to be available for all Android based phones soon. Rumors are that the 2.1 Android version still has some bugs to fix. Hopefully, Nexus One acts as a testing device for all other Android based phones which will eventually wear the latest Android OS. Other enhancements include a some extra widgets (Power Control, Weather and News). Sorry folks, no multitouch this time either and we don’t know why. In fact, no one knows why. For now the Nexus One supports Multitouch for it’s 3rd party apps developed and distributed via the Android Market place, however it does not come with the native applications like the browser, pictures etc, that are shipped with the device. The media gallery is also enhanced significantly. One last feature that was very impressive was the live wallpapers that you can choose from. These wall papers are animated and are always moving on your screen like a screen saver while you are on the home screen. I wonder what effect it has on your battery life!

The worst part of all is that the Nexus One is being offered on T-Mobile. We don’t understand why Google has to choose the nations worst network to launch it’s first mobile phone. Hopefully, T-Mobile will fix all it’s downtime issues it had in 2009 and live up to Google’s standards. The Nexus One is priced at $530 unlocked and the rumor is that it does not work on AT&T’s 3G network. You can buy it for a subsidized price of $180 with a 2 yr contract from T-Mobile. T-Mobile reportedly has only one plan offering with Nexus one which will cost you $80 for 500mins, In-network free with unlimited messaging and data.

Overall, It’s not a game changer. In the existing mobile market., it does not create a buzz like the iPhone or at least the Motorola Droid. The only thing that excites the masses is that it’s the first phone from Google. T-Mobile users finally will have something to brag about when their AT&T and Verizon friends are fighting it over iPhone and Motorola Droid respectively. Having said that, it’s all up to Google now to pull some surprises at tomorrows conference.


Check out the Google Nexus One official videos on it’s YouTube Channel
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Here is an Interactive 3D tour of Google Nexus One
Existing T-Mobile customers cannot get Nexus One for $179, disappointed!


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