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Drag To Share plugin for WordPress blogs

drag to share plugin meebo barSocial bookmarking is one of the important features that every blog should have to generate decent traffic. WordPress has numerous plugins to enable this feature on your blog. However, ever since I saw and tried the very elegant Drag to Share dock on Mashable, I always wanted it. I’ve tried to search for similar plugins and was not successful. Although I found a similar plugin that was close to what I was looking for, it did not make an impression and could not convince me to install it on my blog.

Finally, Meebo, a one place Instant Messaging service, opened the Meebo bar for everyone to download. Meebo bar which includes the Drag to Share dock, also installs a floating footer toolbar which allows the users to login to any Instant Messaging service and a bunch of other custom buttons like Facebook, YouTube etc. See how you can download, install and customize the Meebo bar in your WordPress blog after the jump.

Go to the Meebo Bar page and click on “Get it Now” button
Sign up for the Meebo toolbar
meebo sign up

Set up your Meebo bar by entering the Blog name and Blog URL

meebo setup

Next step is to choose your blog/website platform. In our case, it is WordPress. So select “I have a Wordpress site that I host myself (not on”

meebo select a platform

Once selected, it shows instructions on how to download and setup WordPress plugin. You can either use the WordPress native plugin uploader or manually upload using FTP and then activate it from the Plugins page from your admin panel in WordPress.

Once activated, you are all set to customize the bar from your Meebo account.

Login to your Meebo account, go to Control Panel and simply choose the buttons you want to show on your meebo bar. By the way, the Drag and Drop feature needs no settings, it’s enabled as soon as you activate your Meebo Plugin.

Meebo Buttons

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