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Google Chrome surpasses Apple Safari in browser market share

chrome vs safariThe browser wars are heating up between Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Google Chrome has gained immense popularity since it’s launch because of it’s clean interface and improved performance over it’s rivals like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Now with Google introducing Extensions for Chrome, it becomes even more desirable. Since Google Chrome is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, loyal Safari users are also switching to Google Chrome. Net Applications, who specialize in measuring market share of internet technologies, declared that in Dec 2009, Google Chrome has surpassed Apple Safari in browser market share. Google’s Chrome browser is now the third most popular browser in usage share.  Chrome recently passed Safari and now has 4.6% usage share. Mozilla Firefox stays are no.2 position and the leader as always is Internet Explorer. Although, it looks like Google Chrome has a long way to go before it challenges Firefox’s position, Google being the world leader in online marketing and advertising, it should not come as a surprise if it overtakes Firefox in next one year. Chart, after the jump.

google chrome vs apple safari

Full Report (Source: Net Applications)

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