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Android on Windows Mobile. yes Mobile!

Android on Windows MobileEver wondered if you can install a different OS on your Mobile phone? Well the brave souls at XDA have done it. The Developers at XDA managed to install the latest Android 2.0.1 on HTC’s Touch Diamond 2. This was achieved by a Emulator called Haret. Note that not all features were successfully ported, below is the working and non working features list.

Pics and Video after the Jump.


  • Radio (You can make calls, but no sound until now though)
  • SMS works. Send n Receive.
  • Touchscreen
  • Vibration
  • Capacitive Buttons and Navigation wheel
  • Keyboard
  • Brightness Control: Must turn off autolight in WinMo

Not Working:

  • Sound
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPRS
  • Opengles
  • Recharging.

Source XDA

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