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NeoNerdo.Comis a technology blog started by a curious and restless soul who is obsessed with technology (obviously) and blogging. He still doesn’t know that making money by blogging is a myth. His favorite character is Neo from the movie Matrix and he thinks that he is a Nerd, hence the name NeoNerdo. Wait a minute, what’s with the “O” in Nerdo then? Well, he tried registering the domain name without the letter “O”, however some Douschebag hosting company already owns it. So, out of greed and an ambition to replace his professional income, he started posting about everything that he can think of. Fortunately, he stuck to technology and subscribed to a bunch of famous tech blogs and started following them on Twitter too, so that he is on par with the tech herd. After realizing that he cannot keep up with the big guys, he narrowed his categories down to Internet browsers, Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Windows, MS Excel and YouTube. I wonder how the list looked like before he narrowed it down?.