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Overview of the iPad (Video)

Here is the video that they played at the event and it is live on Apple’s website on the iPad page. As always, Apple does a great job in presenting the product showcasing the best features.

Apple iPad First impressions

apple-ipadThe inquisitiveness that Apple builds even in the masses is phenomenal. I think no other company can do that. I will not be surprised if it beats the curiosity in people for Obama’s state of Union speech. From a back-fence talk to a rumor and now to reality, finally the day has arrived and today, Mr Jobs, unveiled the most awaited Apple Gadget ever. It is called the iPad, the Tablet from Apple. As rightly put by the Wall Street Journal, ” The last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it has some commandments written on it”, the iPad launch did create immense excitement not only in the tech savvy herd, but also in the common population. Since we are posting this as the event is happening here are some of the facts as they are revealed from the event. We will be doing a series of posts on iPad during it’s initial existence and soon will post detailed iPad technical specifications. For now enjoy these initial facts:

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Get local with Twitter Local Trends

local trends from twitterDo you want to know what’s your neighbor up to on the Superbowl day? Do you want to let everyone in the neighborhood know that you are trying to lose weight and share your progress? Well, that’s not exactly what you can do with the new Twitter Local Trends. However, you can see what exactly is trending in your area based on the country or city that you select. All you need to have is a Twitter account. If you don’t have one then you are ancient by now. We’ve seen Twitter hashtags, using which you can follow a topic. Now get local and check out what is trending around you using Twitter Local Trends. When I say around, I literally mean it. Based on the location that you set in your Twitter settings, you can follow what’s happening and what’s relevant in your geographic location.

Twitter launched Local Trends last week, however it was not open for everybody. Today, Twitter fully launched the service and is available for everyone. Here is how you can do it.

If you already have a Twitter account and have not set a location for the Local Trends, then the next time you login to Twitter, you will see this notification.

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Google goes All-In to help Haiti efforts

google-haiti-information-pageAs you already know, Haiti was struck with a major earthquake on 12 January 2010. People who witnessed the aftermath describe Haiti as a war zone. Relief organizations and International community had responded well and efforts are being made to get things under control.

Google is doing everything it could do to help Haiti victims. Google has a dedicated page for all the information related to Haiti. This information page gets prime real estate on Google’s home page which is priceless.

google haiti help

Apart from information about how to donate, this dedicated page also has a person finder tool, where one can either report someone missing or report someone found. You can also embed the tool on your own website or weblog. Below is the embed code:

<iframe src=""
width=350 height=300 frameborder=0 style="border: dashed 2px #77c"></iframe>

All Google Voice calls are free to Haiti. However, you need to have a Google Voice account. You can request one here.

You can donate directly from the same page using Google Checkout.

donate using google checkout to Haiti victims

If you have a video from the disaster which can make an impact on the donations, you can use the Submit video link to upload the videos.

upload haiti earthquake videos

You can also directly assist relief workers in saving lives using Google Map Maker. You can draw your own map and assist people on the ground to find the victims.

Google will also donate $1 million to help organizations provide relief.

How to Tweet longer tweets?

Longer TweetsEver ran into a situation when you want to tweet more, but got a negative number warning from Twitter? Well, I don’t know about you, but I do face this almost everyday. Sometimes writing a tweet takes more time than writing a post on my blog, as I need to squeeze in all that I want to say into a 140 character snippet. Trust me, it’s harder than writing a 500 word post. Enough said, here is how you can Tweet longer than 140 character tweets using TwitLonger. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to TwitLonger
  2. Login using your Twitter credentials
  3. Start long Tweeting

All TwitLonger does is it clips anything more than 140 characters from your Tweet and creates a Short URL which, when clicked, will take you to the long tweet on TwitLonger.

How to take screeshots of your Android phone? (Video)

take screenshots of your android phoneEver wondered how to capture the screen of your Android Phone? Well, this video will show you how. Follow these simple steps to take screen shots off your Android Phone. I take screen shots all the time when I’m reviewing a feature or an application from the Android market place. I take screen shots to create “How to” articles for Android Phones. Instead of taking pictures of the screen with a camera, taking screen shots and using them in your blog posts gives your content a huge boom. The screen shots look way better than the camera shots. In this video I’m using Motorola Droid as my Android Phone. Use the comments section if you have any questions or alternate ways to do this. Watch the video after the jump.

You can download the latest SDK from Androids Developer website.

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10 must have Google Chrome extensions

useful google chrome extensionsGoogle Chrome is quickly becoming one of the popular browsers out there. It already beat Safari and eying for Firefox. It is known for it’s clean interface and improved performance over other popular browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Later in 2009, Google introduced extensions for Google Chrome. Extensions allow users to add more features and functionality to the existing browser. Google Chrome extensions are similar to add-ons in Firefox, they give more functionality and customization options to it’s users for easy accessibility and keeps the browser free of clutter that you don’t use.

Here are my Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions:

Google Mail Checker

gmail checker google chrome extensionAlmost everybody has a Gmail account. So here is a great way to get a quick info on the number of unread Gmail messages. You can click on the extension to load Gmail. You can also check out an alternate extension called Google Mail Checker Plus which also, apart from showing the count of unread messages, allows you to Preview mail, read, delete, archive and mark as spam.

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Security bug revealed in Android 2.0.1

android 2.0.1 security bugThe Assurer, yesterday, revealed a new bug in the Android 2.0.1 OS. Answer a phone call on a lock pattern enabled Android 2.0.1 phone and while the call is active, tap the dedicated back button, it will take you right to the home screen. Once the call is ended, the phone stays unlocked and you (or the guy who flicked your phone) will have full access to everything on the phone including email, text messages, contact list and any personal information that you may have saved. This affects Motorola Droid which is the only phone on Android 2.0.1. This is a major compromise on the phone’s security aspect and needs immediate attention from Google. Watch it in action after the jump.

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Drag To Share plugin for WordPress blogs

drag to share plugin meebo barSocial bookmarking is one of the important features that every blog should have to generate decent traffic. WordPress has numerous plugins to enable this feature on your blog. However, ever since I saw and tried the very elegant Drag to Share dock on Mashable, I always wanted it. I’ve tried to search for similar plugins and was not successful. Although I found a similar plugin that was close to what I was looking for, it did not make an impression and could not convince me to install it on my blog.

Finally, Meebo, a one place Instant Messaging service, opened the Meebo bar for everyone to download. Meebo bar which includes the Drag to Share dock, also installs a floating footer toolbar which allows the users to login to any Instant Messaging service and a bunch of other custom buttons like Facebook, YouTube etc. See how you can download, install and customize the Meebo bar in your WordPress blog after the jump.

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Where is the “Show Desktop” button in Windows 7?

show desktop button windows 7Since ages Windows users are used to click the little “Show Desktop” icon in the quick launch toolbar or hit “Ctrl+D” shortcut to take them quickly to the Desktop. The “Show Desktop” icon traditionally was in the quick launch toolbar, however with Windows 7, Microsoft decided to change this and put it at the right corner of the Taskbar next to the Date/Time display. For an average Windows user, it is a little hard to spot the “Show Desktop” button, because it blends into the Taskbar and does not stand out. This short video shows you where the “Show Desktop” button is located in Windows 7. By the way, if you are a shortcuts person, this is not for you.